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Fractal Audio AMP models: Div/13 CJ11 (Divided By 13 CJ 11)


* EDIT: Up-to-date information is available in Yek's Guide to the Fractal Audio Amplifier Models *

DIV/13 CJ: based on Divided By 13 CJ 11

Fred Taccone of Divided By 13 manufactures each of his amps by hand. They’re easily recognized by their exquisite looks and the triangle at the top. These amps look awesome.

The CJ 11 is a Class A amp with 6V6 power tubes and a Master Volume. It’s only 11 watts. It’s a single channel amp but its boost (pull Volume knob) makes it more versatile. Two inputs.

The controls are simple: Volume (pull: Boost), Treble, Bass, Master. While the amp does offer an adjustable Master Volume, I prefer to just crank that and leave it there.

Divided by 13:

"When asked, by Corky James, amongst others, "Can you take my favorite 1959 tweed amp from Fullerton and instead of the controls being Volume Tone make it Volume Treble Bass, give it more clean headroom, a wider range of usable overdrive (throw in a little EL 34), make it a little louder with fuller, tighter low end, and put a master volume in it so i can play at all levels and dial in and hit the sweet spot of whatever speaker i am using at the time, mostly a G12M Celestion."​


"It is a bassy amp. Works best with single coils."​

"You increase the LOW CUT FREQ to reduce the fuzziness on bass notes but then it won't sound like the real thing."​

The combo contains a single G12M speaker. There’s an IR among the stocks cabs: 1x12 Division 13 Mix. Cab Pack 1 (free!) provides more IRs of that cab.

The “1959 tweed amp from Fullerton” in the quote is a Fender Tweed Deluxe. To speak with Shania Twain: that don’t impress me much, because there are lots of Deluxe clones. So what does the CJ 11 bring to the table as extras: more headroom and flexibility. Well, its clean sound is nice (crank the master!), but IMHO not that special and very scooped. I don’t like the overdriven tone of this amp. And it’s tricky to get around the bass overload. I’d choose the clean tones of the Deluxe and Carr over the CJ 11 any time. I do however like the extra punch that the model of the boosted CJ 11 delivers. So while this amp and model don't appeal to me much, the FTR 37 is a whole different story!

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Hmm . I'll have to respectfully disagree with your assessment of this one. I really like it ! I tried a clean with edge setting and found a super nice sparkly tone. Not so good with the input drive past 5.00 to my ears and I did it all wrong . Wrong guitar PRS w/ emgs wrong cab 4 X 10 Bassguy mix Factory # 99 Ha. Granted nothing most Fenders wont do but the colours man !
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I agree so much fun trying all these different models I normally wouldn't try. Now onto the FTR 37 ...
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