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First outdoors show with FM3


Or if nothing else, a small fan.
When Cliff talked about the possible heating issues with competing products, I didn’t think it would be this much of an issue. It’s a real thing it seems.

I would like to see how the Neural DSP Quad Cortex survives under hot circumstances. I really hope they’ve thought about this through... We’re currently breaking our heat records here in Finland, so if they’ve tested their units before this summer it’s nothing compared to this year (they’re a Finnish company and most probably tested their products here). Just some speculation here. No matter how much you try to stress test your product under any possible problematic scenario (heat, humidity etc.) it might not save you from a real life situation.
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Welp, my outdoor show got cancelled after all the bad Chase Rice PR. Looking forward to hearing about everyone else's experiences :tongueclosed:
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