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Finally removed the screen protector


2 years and mine is still there.

In most states, it's illegal to remove the screen protector if it's been on for over a year.

If the above condition applies to you, please seek legal counsel before removing the screen protector....just sayin'


Took mine off as soon as I got it. Luckily it still works. I'm a rebel and couldn't bear the sight of it. Not sure if it affected my tone, but I'm sure if I ever sell it, removing the film probably diminished the value by 45% of the typical used price. :(


I'll pay good money to come by and take the protector off - I have an ad on Craigslist. Wife doesn't know.


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I just ordered a new XL+. I paid extra to get several layers of plastic film installed. Money well spent. Kind of like tear-offs for motorcycle racers. After a rough gig, tear one off and she's good as new.


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Fractal should sell replacement screen protectors! new business model, for the foot tag people, designer screen protectors... i think we are onto something.
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