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"Feedback Return" bypass


The "Feedback Return" effect has a Bypass Mode and can be bypassed via the effect bypass button, but I don't see a "Feedback Return Byp" (or similar item) in the IO | CTRL list for MIDI controlled bypass.

Am I missing it in the CTRL list?

If not, how can I assign a cc to control bypass of feedback return?


It's not in the list. You'd have to assign an external as its bypass modifier or use something like vol/filter to mute the feedback signal.


Power User
Yeah, that's what I'd like to do. I just don't see any way to assign an external to the bypass for any effect at all (except via IO | CTRL). What have I missed?
Don't try to do it from the IO > CTRL page (the global bypass settings). Instead, edit the block in question, put your cursor on BYP MODE, hit the Enter button on the front panel to go into Modifier menu, and select the appropriate Source (whatever External controller you have assigned to whichever button you'll use). You may have to play around with the curve, depending on how you want it to behave.


Ahh - I thought that the modifier on Bypass Mode was to actually modify the mode of bypass (thru, mute, etc). I didn't realize that the modifier applies to the bypass state. Thanks.
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