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Wish Feature Request - Channel Library


Power User
Don't normally do this but....


This would actually be a great feature. I use the "Copy to Clipboard" (on AX8) so much that having the ability to save only one Channel (or even x or y...wink-wink) would be a HUGE deal.


I know I'm super late to this party... but wanted to be part of this squeaky wheel. Got my axe a week and a half ago and just realizing now that saving a block is nice... but then to utilize it it's going to overwrite my other channels. long story long - "what they all said".


Fractal Fanatic
This request seems like a no brainer to me, but since it hasn't been changed, I'd like to hear from Cliff(or someone else in the know) if it is indeed possible or if there is some problem with doing it.
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