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Mark Cullen
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  • Hi Kerry,

    Hey thanks for the encouragement and for contacting me!
    I'm the Worship Pastor at Coast Hills Community Church in Aliso Viejo.
    I have no problem with you playing my music in your store. That's awesome :)
    I'll have to visit Yogurtwave next time I'm up that way.


    Hey Mark, Kerry Lehrbass here. Awesome tone on your new EP. Anaheim Hills here, Christian, curious where you are a worship leader?? I have a Yogurt shop called Yogurtwave right at South Coast Plaza, just up the road from Calvary / Costa Mesa and I am going to play that track "Amazed" in the store every once and a while if you don't object. I try to plug in a CCM track every 3rd or 4th song to subtly share my faith with our customers. Nice to see a local guy here. I will receive my Axe II tomorrow, but it is a Christmas gift so I probably won't get to touch it til the B Day party. We are starting an open mic/guitar nights at Yogurtwave with some of the guys from Calvary and Vangaurd College soon. Love to have you stop in...
    714-318-8565 - klehrbass@gmail.com
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