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FASFX Reverb vs HOFA


Hi all,
I've just made a small comparison of FractalAudio's newly released reverb plugin versus a reverb i used before using Fractal's : HOFA IQ-Reverb (IR-based reverb).

I've included 2 tracks for both reverbs, one with instruments, one with voice only.

Note that FAS Reverb is used on voice only (drums use another reverb for now, as this song was recorded before FAS Reverb release).

HOFA with instruments :
HOFA leadvoice-only :
FAS with instruments :
FAS leadvoice-only :
The band is Prain : https://www.facebook.com/prain.band/?fref=ts

Their whole set is available at

IMHO the FASFX Reverb competes pretty well with HOFA (which is an IR-based reverb) and is much easier to setup.

PS : Yes, this song needed a huge Reverb with a lot of ambiance ;)
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