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FAS Reverb update?

I know that FAS is working hard on FM3, coronavirus, etc. I gotta say, I use the FAS FX Reverb Plugin almost everyday and on everything... from Drums to vocals, to whatever. It would be awesome to get some new updates with the new parameters from the Axe FX III. I would also LOVE a Delay Plugin, with the same parameters as the delay in the Axe FX III.


+1. My go to reverb for nearly everything. Vocal plate, drum room, guitar reverb... everything. On the website, they still warn against using it under Catalina, but that works fine for me without any hickup since months. I am not sure if everything from the reverb block of the Axe Fx III is already in the plugin, if not I would also enjoy such an update.

If they do a delay of that kind, immediate blind purchase.
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