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Exp pedal to control output 2 vol???


Hi guys,

Im doing the final mods on my MFC pedalboard. Which consists in a lighted Warwick pedalboard, two expression pedals, the MFC extension module. And would like to have two of these exp pedals, one to control reverb mix and one for output 2 volume (for my frfr amp on stage) with fixed min and max values (just little extra headroom if needed).
This are the pedals I intend to add
And I know CC for output 2 vol is 12. Can this be achieved? So that I can up my onstage volume, just for my amp, just leaning on my pedalboard.
It would definitely rock!
Any ideas to how I might use CC 12 for either increasing or reducing output 2 vol?
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Works great here with a non-MFC midi pedalboard with attached exp pedal sending CC12, controlling OP volume on a Q12a FRFR connected to OP2! "copy OP1 to OP2" is set in the IO menu.

Interesting to note is that triggering "bypass" from the board with CC13 mutes the output on OP1 but NOT on OP2! I find that weird and defying the purpose.

My workaround is to trigger the tuner (which is set to "mute") - then OP1 and OP2 are muted.
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