Epic Rock Thing-Marshall JCM800mod-(sharing my preset too) Cp20

This is great. What other mixing/audio tools do you use other than toontracks
Thanks man, so here i'm using rock solid for drums, kick and snare are triggered with some of mine samples, i group the drums and put slate VCC on group channel. And i'm also using slate VCC on every channel since i like tape very much, it gives warmness and punch. When i'm mixing metal i'm doing parallel compression on drums, same here but not with brutal compression, just a bit, and for parallel buss i'm using softube FET compressor. For bass i'm using trilian VST, it's the hard rock patch, only cutting 50-70 bass region and also a bit of tape saturation there. Guitars don't have any post procesing except for reverb wich i'm adding in Logic X(Reverb Designer) i believe preset is Realistic Room(Mixed just a little-you don't want to be crazy there) and ofc tape saturation. And that is all. On master buss i have Fabfilter Pro Q2, tape saturation, compression( you can use any compressor plugin you like here, there's no right or wrong one) than again tape saturation after the compressor, and last one is Fabfilter Pro L wich is a really cool limiter for some loudness. All of my mixes are going around -3 to -6 db so i make sure i have enough headroom for mastering. Hope that helps :)
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