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Doug Aldrich / Whitesnake patch!


Cab Pack Wizard
Hey I just saw him demonstrating his rig and I just fell in love with his tone. I started GASing for his gear immediately etc... then I remembered that I own the Axe-Fx Ultra. Whattahell... I'll just match that and this is what it sounds like:

And before you ask I'll simply share it since I know it's awesome with no douchery intended but Aldrich is "the boss".


I'm a bigger fan of the legendary Sykes tone but this sounds pretty good man. I'll have to share my attempt at his tone when I get back from vacation.


Cab Pack Wizard
Make it happen Matt!
Haha.. I don't see why people on this forum get kicks out of professionals using the Axe-Fx. I'm pretty sure everyone's convinced that Axe-Fx slays already. :D And you know Aldrich has toured with JMD Marshalls... the amp that has digital preamps and a tube power amp. So he's certainly not a tube purist in that sense. Very open towards the new stuff.

Personally I feel like the Axe-Fx has many low gain Marshalls and not so many high gain Marshalls... the JVM metal tone is something I'd love to have since it's very close a Mesa Mark IV type of sound but I guess even better in a way. :)


Thanks for sharing - this is awesome. I kicked the boost on & I'm really loving the tone - & yes Aldrich rules.
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