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Dominic Miller - Why Should I Cry for You


I've made some improvements in my tone-shaping, many thanks to insight from this board. I used to have a great clean patch from my old Boss GT-10 that I'm certain my AXE II can handle, but I'm just not able to pull it off. It was very close to the sound Dominic Miller got on Why Should I Cry for You (Soul Cages). A perfect mix of chime and twang, which he achieved by running a strat direct with a Boss compressor and some reverb. I can't seem to get the purity or the slight jangle he gets or enough ring to it. I have some cool Mike Landau kind of stuff that's close, but just not springy enough (ok, that's enough with the crazy adjectives). If anyone has a patch to share like this or wants to take a crack a creating one, I'd appreciate the share!
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