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Does this happen to you?

My friend purchased an Ultra and I have been setting it up for him.

I am an AXE FX II user these days, so it has been some time since I had worked with an Ultra and I'm trying to remember everything from when I had one.

I am using an M-Audio Uno to connect them to a PC with Windows 7.

The AXE Edit shows a status of being connected to the Ultra and I did do a Sync so everything from the Ultra showed up in the AXE Edit preset banks.

However, when I change a preset in AXE Edit, then I find NOTHING changes on the Ultra (this is unlike the later versions/models). The sound stays the same as the preset being displayed in the Ultra window.

Is this normal?

I find I can do the editing "if" I turn the knob on the Ultra to the desired preset, then locate that specific preset in the AXE Edit banks, adjust settings, move things around, select new things and change the preset name, etc....., then save it, and it updates on the Ultra.

Is this normal?

Thanks ahead of time :)


Don't know if this is related, but I had a problem that I could not send certain patches from Axe-Edit, that were stored in a single folder on my PC. It appeared to be related to patches that were "later" in the list alphabetically, and I found that there was a maximum number of patches in a folder that my version of Axe-Edit would work correctly with. To resolve this, I splilt my patches into two different directories (one has 287 patches, and the other has 227). I can't remember the actual maximum number of patches that work correctly from a single PC directory, but the numbers I currently use works.
I have been enjoying setting up and playing on my friend's Ultra and it's bringing back some good memories regarding my 1st time playing one and all the cool tones I was able to get out of it.

At the time I had close to 20 amps and 15 or more guitar cabs and I was always bringing them all down to the front room and cranking them to get that perfect recorded amp sound (and playing the same riff over and over again, lol) but then Rob at Tone Merchants let me borrow one from their showroom and I fell instantly in love with it.

I bought one the next day from them.

I sold almost all of the amps and cabs which probably saved my marriage since my wife started saying things "Hey, you should think about getting a band going again, and you should probably play different riffs to see which amp you like the best, and didn't you say you have a friend with a practice place, etc..." :)

I own an XL+ which I have come to love now but this is bringing back some pretty good memories and there were some effects that I couldn't ever find again on my MKI when I replaced the Ultra, and I am hearing them again.

I found a Mark Day Clean QR preset in an old folder of mine, opened it up on this Ultra, and I remembered I could never get that same sound again since everything changed so much with the AXE FX II and all the FW updates.

I think I will look around for an Ultra (I find them occasionally for $500-$600 for friends) and get it mainly for an effects (and second preamp) option at a friend's place (if anyone comes across a deal on one then please pass it along this way, and thanks).

I believe you can never have too many of the Fractal products :)
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