Dilemma: should I return my AFXIIXL?


So I just tested the AXE FX II XL with my Rivera S120 and was very pleased with the effects but not the preamp (amp model) sounds as much.

Rivera models are not included as a preset. Prior to AFX I ran my S120 (wet) with a Marshall DSL40 combo (dry). Brutally heavy in your face sound with a maxon 808 OD in front and G major in Rivera efx loop (chorus/delay/reverb).

I tried turning off the power amp and cab modeling in the general menu. Still dissatisfied. Tried a LP and a 335 copy, still dissatisfied. Cab is Gflex 212.

Now I'm tempted to program a new preset/patch with the JVM and something similar to the Rivera (not sure what??) with wet/dry setup before I request a RMA from fractal audio.

This unit doesn't seem to imitate the "feel" of an all-tube amp, more the sounds are close to actual tube models but maybe that is just my brief experience. Also, not happy with the (short) 1 yr warranty (Mesa has 5 yrs). If this unit was cheaper (i.e. made in china) it would be a better bet for me. At $2500, not sure if I can justify the cost. Unit seems ideal for a cover band. How many guitarists actually need 150 amps at their disposal???

Also, noticed major volume changes with most presets which is annoying.
Try the models FRFR first before you decide, but if it isn't doing it for you, then do what you gotta do.

I play in a cover band and the unit is ideal for me. :)
It's not for everyone.

Initial problems are a rash on the board here...most finally figure out how to get their sound out of the unit. But there are those that do not (and/or do not care to spend the time to get there.)

IMO, if you only need one sound slightly varied, then this is WAY overkill.

And presets are not designed to be perfectly balanced; they're designed to demonstrate capability...it's up to you to either use them or not. FWIW, the majority of them are extremely useful with minor tweaking.

In the end, only you can decide whether this tool will work for you.
I would setup a blank patch, with just the amp no cab, ran into the return of your head (bypassing the preamp) and then find a model that works for you. play with turning off the power amp modeling off and on (since you have a power amp already probably off, sounds like you did this). Use your ears.

You can always tone match your rivera. If you are used to a 4x12 in the room, I wouldnt suggest doing FRFR, as it's not the same.

Personally i'm more than happy with the feel, and tone i'm getting. Currently I play in a few cover bands, but have sounds setup for those that are different from what I use when i'm sitting around wanking.

It might not be for you, and your head and a gmajor would do fine, nothing wrong with that.
It's not built to be cheap. It's built to be good.
I like the fact that someone can manage to build things in US, Europe etc.

I would advice to spend some time with the unit, to know what it can do.

I actually spend more time to get a great sound trough my Mesa 50/50, than my stage monitors.
But both sounds stunning in the end. To me, of course.
i just created a new wet/dry patch (#384) with a JVM OD2 and Recto and saved it. now it's gone, where does it save to??? I used axe edit on Mac...
it saves it on the patch you were on when you started editing. That is if you hit save in Axe edit or the Axe itself.
Sell it and just get the FX8 when it comes out. As soon as that comes out if it isn't stupidly overpriced then my entire axefx setup is going. I still end up using all my amps instead because they sound way better through a cab. I'm using 2 sounds in it for $2600+matrix1000+mfc to usually play my 6505+ while it sits.
As hard as Fractal tries to make the Axe-fx a plug and play, it really isn't. You have to spend a little time and do a little homework to get the best out of it. And if you do decide to sell it, at lest the Axe holds its value really well.
If you have turned off the cab and power amp modelling there is a much bigger variation in level of the patches.

Like many here, my first few days with the Axe were kinda "its good, but I spent how much on it?". After a week of playing (and importantly making my own bitches from scratch) I had progressed to " Oh my god, this is the best thing ever!" And this was on Firmware 6...
Strange that this same guy is complaining how he wants the unit to be able to model 4 amps at once, (and comparing the warranty to Mesa again) in one thread he started, but then in this one he's seemingly not happy with even one amp model ?

So the unit is overpriced and would be better for him if cheaper (guess if it was $999 he'd be less picky ?), the unit doesn't have the feel of a tubeamp, the warranty is too short, and assuming he ever finds an amp model he likes, the darn thing won't let him run 4 amps at once.

That is a lot of complaints to overcome..... not likely, so sell the unit dude

If your happy with the FX, and just the FX, wait for the new FX only unit Cliff mentioned in another thread and stick with the real amps you like.
and importantly making my own bitches from scratch

Patches! The word is PATCHES, autocorrect. Sheesh...

Nope - you were right first time

It's Fractal Speak for Bitchin' Patches
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