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Wish Delay - speed for delay time bufor


It would be great if you could add to the block delay the speed of sweep through the memory buffer. (So the length of the time buffer is one variable and the second variable is the sweep speed). It would allow to do such effects as here you can look:

and next about 10 sec

I know that there is a position in the Tape's delay (eg Mono Tape) names MotorSpeed:

Adnotacja 2019-03-16 142952.png

But the possible change in speed is only 2 times up and divided by two down. This is not enough - it allows you to only make one octaves up or down. And this is only for "Tape" style delays.

It would be great to enlarge the scope of this setting (eg up 4 and down divide by 4) and add this setting to each delay models (expanding their possibilities beyond real patterns) - especially for dual delay or stereo ping pong.
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