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Couple of questions/issues with my FM3 - Tap Tempo, FS-7 and ring LEDs


So I received my FM3 this past week and I have been trying out the different functions with switching and FM3 Edit. I also have the Axe Fx III so I know what to expect sound-wise. I am really liking the switching setup and can't wait to be able to test it out in a live setting. I do have a couple of questions though.

1.- I set up a tap tempo button on button 9 of the scenes layout and this doesn't seem to be working. The regular utility layout tap tempo button works fine.
2.- I set up a Boss FS-7 as a View increase and decrease controller and it works great, only issue is if I turn off the FM3 and boot it back up, it goes nuts and cycles though the views and doesn't stop until I press the B button. Not sure if I have it calibrated correctly. Other than this boot-up behavior, it works as intended.
3.- I like using scene toggles and I noticed when I use a scene toggle button, it shuts off the other scene toggle's LED. In the video example I post below, if I toggle button 3 (red), button 2 shuts off completely and the same if I toggle button 2 (green), button 3 shuts off completely. Button 1 is set as a selection for scene 1 and is not a toggle. Button 1 stays dim. Is this normal behavior? I would expect other toggle buttons to just remain dim but still lit.

Videos of what I mention above:

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Also, is it possible to set a different function per layout for the stand in switches?

For example, view up/down for scenes, but bank up/down for presets, etc...
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