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Connecting a Mixer to an Audio Interface routing questions


Hi Everyone. Forgive me if these are basic questions. I am a long time musician but I'm recently just getting into recording. I am setting up my home recording studio and I have a few questions I was hoping some of you could help me with. Here goes,

1 - How can I hook up a mixer to my audio interface and be able to control my main monitors and headphones with the mixer rather than the audio interface? I prefer to use the faders for controlling all of my sounds rather than the AI. The AI would be strictly used for allowing me to hopefully record pristine crystal clear high quality tracks but I'd like all my monitoring to be done thru the mixer.

2 - Do I connect each channel on my mixer into the line inputs on the audio interface?

3 - If I have a mixer with built in USB 1.1 for recording stereo tracks can I still use my audio interface in place of the usb in the mixer so I can take advantage of the AI's higher recording capabilities? I know I can use the USB for recording one instrument at a time but I heard if you have a good AI you can get a much better recording signal if you record from your mixer right into your interface. Maybe the usb would be good enough but I'd like to have that option of recording at higher quality than 1.1 USB offers.

4 - I am still deciding on which mixer to get but I'm leaning towards Allen & Heath Zed 12fx. I plan to connect the following to the mixer, a mic for Vox, an Axe Fx, a Kemper, Acoustic guitar, a Keyboard, Roland SPD-30 and Vdrums. I assume its plenty for what I need currently and it still offers some more room to grow if I need to.

Thanks for any help!
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