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Coby Bank A - All amps, only amps


Hello to all,
I decided to share my Bank A. I've organized that bank putting into it all the amps in the Axe and only the amps (no patch for specific songs or particular effects). The only exceptions are for the Bludojai, the FAS 6160, the FAS Wreck, the Gibtone Scout (that, as said in the Wiki, has almost the same circuit of the Swart Amp), the Supertweed. No particular reason, I left out of the bank those amps just because there are the original amps in the Axe and I prefer to work with the originals, but you can add the amps if you like them.
I tryed to organize the amps following 2 criteria: 1. gather the amps of the same brand (ex. Marshalls with Marshalls) 2. starting with the amps famous for their clean sound and lastly with the more distorted amps/channels. At the end of the bank I've put the original models.
The bank is not intended to give you ready to go presets, but only to give you the chance to scroll quickly between all the amps, hear how they sound, tweak them, change the cabs and adjust the sound to suit your taste.
Unfortunately (or fortunately, It depends) I make extensive use of the new OH IR's, then you'll find a large number of "user cabs" (that I cannot share) in the bank, but you can replace them with the IR's you prefer.
I hope that my work can be useful to some of you, feel free to comment and please leave a feedback.
Hope you enjoy and greetings to all!

https://www.dropbox.com/s/tz7azkbzx9m6n7p/Coby-All amps-bank-A.syx?m


Thanks for work on this. I will upload them tonight and check it out. Sounds like your method will help in auditioning amps for new patches.


Power User
Thanks for sharing your work.

Just for others info...the levels did not come out very even on my system. Some were extremely loud going from one preset to the next, so be careful.


Just went thru the Bank and like the way it is organized. I didn't get into knowing all the amps in the world until I got the AxeFx, so this is a very useful reference for me personally. Matching the amps/channels ie., Badgers, Diezels, is quite convenient. Thanks for the work, it obviously took thought and time!


Thank you Guys!!
I thought that when you start creating a new preset it would be usefull to have the possibility to scroll between several amps, tweaking freely, and so decide what amp suits best to your needs.
What I forgot to say is that several presets contain a couple of modes/channels of the same amp, and you simply have to scroll between scenes 1 & 2 to pass from one channel/mode to the other (for ex. scene 1: JM45 / scene 2: JM45 jumpered).
Keep in mind that I made the entire bank using a PRS Custom 24 and I use some amps almost always with the PU's splitted to SC (ex. Fenders) while others almost always with HB, so it's possible that some presets sound louder than other.
I tried to divide all the amps/channels making sure to hold together the amps/channels that usually are known for their clean sound, then the amps/channels known for their crunch, and so on until the higher gain amps/channels. I think this is a usefull division when you're trying the amp that suits best to the clean/crunch/lead/... you're trying to obtain. I know that also a Fender can give you a beautiful lead when pushed and boosted...but I had to make some choice :)
Last but not least, I tried to make each amp sounding the more neutral possible (not the best possible, that's very subjective), as if you're going into the shop and you're trying the original amp with it's original cabinet with neutral settings (for some amps that's not so simple, ex. for the Mark series). In some cases I made a couple of presets of the same amp, just because I thought that those amps sounded very well with some settings/cabs/pedals and so I thought that having more than one example of the amp could inspire different uses of that particular amp.
Thanks so much to all of you that tried the bank, I'm happy if can help you!!


This is a great bank! Thanks!
Good to scroll through the different amps and well organized.

One point to get it even better, pls. share the names of the OH mixes you use.

Black Bitch

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I haven't tried it yet ( musst give my arm and Fingers a rest) but it seems very good idea for me to build new presets and especially to try my thousands of Own hammer cabs :mrgreen
Great work,here.Thanks.Could you do a single screenshot of the 100 cab select menu from Axedit to show which cabs you used?I have been sifting through all the OH and RW,but,I'd like to see what you have used.Particularly like the Trainwreck family of amps you setup.


Thank you very much!
Here below you can find 2 screenshot of my cabs. In the first you can find the user cabs from 1 (GuitarHack ThisOne) to 24 (OH MAR-CB EV-L T1 STUD-VNTG) and from 63 (OH MAR-CB H-PR 55 T1 STUD-MDRN) to the end of the list.
In the second screenshot you'll find the cabs from 25 (OH MAR-CB H-SB-75 T1 LIVE-MDRN) to 63 as said before.

cabs 01.jpgcabs 02.jpg
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