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CLRs as Monitors are Awesome!


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Hi folks,
I just moved house and during the shipping of my stuff, the stereo system got damaged. In the meantime, I hooked my HS80M to the TV so I can stream audio and video from other devices into it. It is enough to survive :)

The amazing fact is that, because of this situation, I had to temporary replace the studio monitors with my two Atomic CLRs.
I have them at ear level in FF configuration and... I've never ever had such a detailed representation of the sound stage!
If you put on a good record, it is like sitting in the rehearsal room of the band playing, plus you get to understand the lyrics too! :D

Anyway give them a shot in this configuration. They are amazing. I think they are even better of some high end monitor you commonly find in recording studios.


My only complaint is a fairly high self noise level when using them as near fields. But I agree the stereo imaging and midrange detail are great!


+1 on high self noise level
I find it completely innocuous when using the CLR's for their intended purpose; as monitors on stage.

But setup in my mix room 2-3m from my listening position, the low level hiss is more noticeable and objectionable.


I usually play with my face 1-2 meters from CLR, seldom 3 meters or more, and never hada problem with hiss. I keep the channel volumes at 50% and master relatively low (so I get volume I want from Axe output 1 @ 50% - gives me room to occasionally bump up when I want to blast but then I come back to ~50%).


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Yeah, the hiss is manageable. With the master around 2 or 3 you get the same hiss you get from the Yamaha monitors (for example) but there are a lot of true near field monitor that have nearly no hiss at all.

Anyway, the CLRs do perform great from a sound reproduction point of view.
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