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Clean Amps & Cabs


quick question, what overdrive pedal is getting you that clean to marshall sounds? I have tried the tube screamer to get just a touch of boost, but need something more also. Not had good luck finding one that works like that.


New here
Hi. I use mainly clean amps - Lonestar, Carr, Morgan, Dumble and a few Fenders. My go to drives are the 3 Knob for crunch and the Ruckus for solos. (I am using a Peavey Wolfgang, Gibson 336 and a Strat and they all work well with this combination)


I've been really diggin the 65 Bassguy Nrml into F148: 4x12 Mar PR-M20B Full (OH) cab. Add a bit of reverb or delay. Keep the input drive and the Bass down and produces just wonderful cleans! I like kicking the power supply sag up a bit too.
I like some of the Triptik amps, the Shiva, some of the Hook models. Not in front of the axe right now to actually give model names or anything.
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