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Cheaper solid state amp with guitar cabs


Hey, anyone put there having luck with the cheaper pa amp lines (crown, qsc, peavey, Samson etc). For use with two guitar cabs with ev and celestion speakers. Thanks


Can't get a whole lot cheaper than the ART SLA-2....it's worked great and right around $250 used normally, and only takes up 1 rack unit. The issue with most of the others for me is 2 rack unit spaces on most PA power amps....


I use an art sla2 with a Marshall 412 in mono bridged and recently before firmware 3 I thought there was just a tiny bit missing and thought serious about upgrading power amps but when I upgraded firmware Its like nothing missing at all infact some of the amp models to my ears like the 5150 model just sound better then I remember the actual head I owned. The drummer in my band has been raving about how my rig sounds so much better. I am going to stick with the art for a while more now.
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