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Calling Strat Players - Bright Switch lesson for a new Strat player.


Im running into this same issue a little with my strat and my Ax8. my main Axe II strat preset is glorious and sounds great..ive tried to replicate it with the exact same settings in the Ax8 but something still doesn't sound the same. its close but not quite there yet. The only thing i can think of is im using Dephase iin the Axe preset which dont have in the Ax8.


Now study the effect of relative pickup heights on positions 2 and 4: LOW middle, LESS LOW bridge... and vice versa, or both low, both high.
You're exactly right. I am VERY close to the tone I want to hear, but at the same time, I am taking my time as I know I am getting "sound fatigue", by constantly tweaking. Also, I know that they way I play alone, vs. with the band, vs. the venues will all come into play on what I want my sound to be (in general). Perhaps most important is that I'm trying to enjoy the process. I'm on the honeymoon with the guitar, and single-coils, so I'm just having fun jamming.
Thanks to EVERYONE for all the great advise. I sincerely appreciate it.
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