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CabPacks: Re-Released as UltraRes2...


I get that UltraRes2 is the new kid on the block and that the CabPacks are being converted.

1) Is there an improvement between UltraRes and UltraRes2 that warrants re-downloading CabPacks, flushing my AxeFx2, and reinstalling the required user IRs?

2) Is there a way to identify the UltraRes2 packs that are re-released?

Sorry... OCD :) Just trying to understand if this is all "much ado about nothing" or worth investing some time into.


For live use, probably not. For recording...maybe? I decided to re-process them myself but I'm using Ownhammer. Not sure if the Fractal Cab Packs beyond the most recent (captured and processed as UR2) have been redone. FWIW, it does take longer to process compared to before.
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