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Brighton Rock preset

In light of all the new film Bohemian Rhapsody I thought I'd come up with a preset for having some fun with Brian Mays layered echos on Brighton Rock! The first preset is one echo with a large delay and it should work as a panned delay. The second delay is a twin delay also panned from right to left so you can tweak it to what you like this is just a quick attempt at the May sound.
I did see Queen live and I was among the crowd who heard Bohemian Rhapsody played live for the first time and Brian May did a solo and this reminds me of that magical evening! Let me know what you think?


  • Brighton Rock Echo 1.syx
    12.6 KB · Views: 72
  • Brighton Rock Echo 2.syx
    12.6 KB · Views: 61
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