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Blackbird on Bass!


Fractal Fanatic
I was in the studio the other day finishing up some guitar work and after the session the engineer/owner/producer at Moving Air Studios wanted to see if the Axe FX Ultra could do bass. We dialed in a simple patch in about 10 minutes and he was extremely pleased. Trevor is an insane bass player, having toured with Rent for a few years. His feed back was, "I wish it had more bass models" and "As soon as they add more bass models, I'm picking one of these up".

Chaos in Question presents - Trevor Nelson - YouTube

The Soundshell

Totally and Completely agreed. I have been saying this for years. It's one of the ONLY flaws this thing has.
More bass AMPS, and your set. I don't think most people would ever use anything else int he studio or live once they ran across it.
The Line6 stuff has 1million bass amps, and this only has one. I can keep bitching about Fidelity over choice, but come one, 1?
If you'd like a bunch of Bass Cab IR's , my email is Soundshell777@yahoo.com, I have a tone of them as well as some bass presets if your interested.
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