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Big riff tone test! (AC30 TB, Recto, Fuzz)


So... I had some layering ideas, involving different kinds of Fuzz and a couple of amps; and this is the result thus far.

Amps used:
Recto Org Vintage (Cabs: OH's Recto v30 and 4x12 20w, Mics: R121, 67 cond respectively)
Class-A 30w TB using the Euro Red as distortion "pedal", hah (Cabs: RW's 2x12 boutique, 2x12 blue, Mics: 421, and E609 respectively)

Then a few tracks that are a mix of those and a Big Muff Pi, the Hard Fuzz, RAT and Metal Zone (!) models from the Axe FX 2 blended together. The bass is as usual the SV, also paired with the Big Muff Pi.

I'm digging the end results! This setup might be useable after a few more tests and tweaking the drum tones.

Thoughts? :)


Holly smokes. I'm digging the tone! What is the signal path? Never got great results with the bigmuff. Sounds to dirty. I must do something wrong...


It's quite simple really; it goes from Gate - Drive (set to the fuzz of your liking) - Amp (which would be the euro red in this case, used as a "pedal"... I didn't really use it together with the fuzz though) - Amp (the AC30). It will definitely sound filthy, just keep really low gain in the amp for it to have more definition. Layer three or four tracks with different fuzzboxes, then add a slightly distorted yet fuzz-free track and there you go!

Just updated the song file btw! I brought the fuzz tracks up a bit for a tad extra nastiness. Digging!
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Thanks, glad you dig! I really dig Baroness' work and I'm a big fan of that kind of organic, "band in a room" sound. Specially with lots of fuzz involved :D

Next thing to do is to get the right drum sound haha.
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