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AxeFxII XL: 'POP' on PC boot?


I have a vague recollection about a similar past thread... searched but no luck.

I'm on 2.04 and connected to my mixer via AES output. When I turn on the XL, it starts up as expected (i.e. silently) but when my USB connected PC boots I get a brief 'POP' and a quick clipping LED flash every time. My guess is that it's around the time that Win7 is initializing all the audio drivers. Everything seems to be working correctly but it's annoying.

I've been making changes lately and one of those changes to to move from a Mkii to an XL. I'm not focusing on any one piece of gear but I thought I should mention that my gear is in flux.


Pops when booting and turning on are quite normal. Thats why any audio guide will always say turn your speakers on last. So personally I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Danny Danzi

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I always have my unit off while my PC boots up. The only little pop I get is when I open my DAW for the first time if I'm using my axe fx as the interface. I only use the axe as an interface when tone matching.

As long as it is not selected as an interface in my DAW, I won't even get the pop. Long story short, the little pops are normal and nothing to worry about as long as volumes are down low in monitors.

So for your head: keep axe off while Windows boots. Once it does, make sure monitor volume is down low or turned off, then turn on your axe. :)


I took the easy way out and bought a Furman M-8S power sequencer. You can set the timing and sequence of on/off signals to your gear to prevent issues like this. It's SUPER handy.


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I tour with an AxeFX II XL, and it produces that POP through both the direct XLR feeds and through the feeds to my stage monitors when powering up or down. I have just learned to power up my monitor amp last, and to alert the FOH engineer to mute my channel before powering up or down.


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cuidado con los "pop" porque yo ya arruinado algunos adj monitores. Ahora me conecto El Hacha fx siempre en imprimación Lugar y LUEGO monitores, y apague el monitor de Y LUEGO El Hacha fx Primero.
Recuerdo Que Con El FX 2 xl + hacha ya esta Resuelto El problema del pop
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