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Axe-Fx III Cygnus Factory Presets - Bank A Preview

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Link not working here. Resolved, thanks. I was spoiled by the instant download the firmware link performed. SO much extra work work now. :cool:
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Can’t wait to check these out. Thanks!

Edit: Checked them out. Agog. FAS Lead 1, scene 2 … holy moly. New Pettrucci Rig … whoa.
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I spent a little time yesterday tinkering with my existing (pre-Cygnus) presets, and was thinking "I bet Matt will release some awesome presets soon". :) Thanks so much! Can't wait to get rocking.

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when you dont own a wha controller pedal, there is always the wha block active doing strange things in most of the presets .it is not possible to bypass the wha block by default ?
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