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Axe edit -time delay knob doesn't work


It was working a few days ago and suddenly stoped moving with my mouse,,,I tried differed presets and delays the same...maybe needs an update along with axe-manage....


If your delay is set to a subdivision of the tempo then the time knob does not function.


If the Tempo parameter is set to None, then you can set a specific Time, like 350ms or something.

If the Tempo parameter is set to a note value like 1/8 or dotted 1/4, etc, then the Time value will be in parentheses like (350ms) and you can't adjust it manually anymore. The way you adjust it is with the Tap Tempo control and the tempo will be derived by the Tempo and the note value chosen.


Thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!! Yes that's it,,,,,I feel that I will have some future questions to!!!the axe is very powerfull and has a lot of stuff on board,, thanks again for your time
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