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Axe Edit Pitch Block Custom scale problem


Hi, using latest FW (15.03) and Axe Edit (3.00.12), trying to edit a custom scale in pitch block and Axe Edit didn't let me choose the notes I want to edit :

I set E as the tonic and want to set F# as Note 2 but Axe Edit always put A# as I select F#... same for notes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

I tried with front panel and everything is ok.

Here is my preset : View attachment Pitch.syx

Possibly a bug.

Please confirm.

Thank you


This is happening to me too, FW19 axe edit 3.2, mac os x 10.10.5.

It just goes nuts when you try to select the notes in axe edit and chooses a different one... Works fine if you pause the connection and dial in the notes on the front of the axe, however, the ones in axe edit are never shown correctly.
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