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Ax8 price for Canadians

Axe 335

I just received my Ax8, here are the details with taxes and shipping for Quebec City
All prices in US dollars

1399.95 : Ax8
70.00 : GST (5%)
139.64 : QST (9.5%
122.52 : Shipping Cost (only choice: UPS - very fast but not cheap)
1732.12 : Grand Total


Codfish Oil

Some Canadian provinces don't have a local tax, so that 9.5% wouldn't be there. Look at it this way-for that 5%, you get free healthcare.

When I purchased a guitar from Twelfth Fret in Toronto, they started to ship FedEx and then switched to the postal service. Some organizations only use certain shippers, however.

With the exchange rate, you are taking an even bigger hit.

BTW-still worth it and still a bargain.
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