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Bug? AX8 not displaying reverse auto-engaged effects properly


When you auto-engage an effect block using an expression pedal with the min value set to 0% and max 100% the AX8 display changes to reflect the block is enabled or disabled as you would expect.

However, the display does not correctly reflect the block status if the reverse min and max values are set.

For example, a preset that has an auto engaged chorus block mix at 100% at toe down causes the AX8 display to update the block status correctly. If you have mix at 100% at heel down it does not.


It might be helpful to post a preset.

Is auto-engage enabled for the mix modifier in the problem example? This means choosing something other than "off" for the "Autoeng" parameter. This normally wouldn't do anything useful soundwise if your mix modifier reaches 0%, but you could make the block disengage at toe down by using an off value of 95%.
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