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assigning presets to top 5 banks.


How do I do this?

I want my first 5 banks on my Foot switch to have my favorite top 5 presets stored.

For Example.

I want #1 to be EJ clean. 2. to be Round Lead. 3. to be Ballerina Slippers. 4. to be Mark Day. and 5 Studio Clean.

I tried a search but can't seem to figure this out at the moment.

Thanks for any feedback


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Save them under the respective numbers (you can easily assort them with axe manage)
use the custom mapping mode of the Axe --> I/O menu --> midi --> map preset # to preset # (e.g. map 1 to # of EJ clean)


Thanks found the Button on AXE Edit....didn't think to look on the top of the preset in Axe edit. Just copied and pasted the favorite ones to top 5.....Thanks bud.
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