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Are FRFR active speakers loud enough?


I am about to buy an active FRFR system and use it as a backline, like amp -speakers setup. Are they loud enough to play in a small club? Some clubs don,t have a PA and my band has a keyboard, drums ,bass an voice. Will i be heard loud enough with just the active FRFR speakers. I,ve read many threads and i know many forum members use FRFR, but i would like feedback from members that use this setup, without FOH, to see their experience.


Tommy Tequila

As with anything, if you get a system with enough power, you'll be heard. In other words, just like a 10 watt combo guitar amp won't work with a John Bonham type drummer, neither will (for example) a $200 125 watt Behringer "FRFR" monitor. At least not with any fidelity (or, most likely, longevity.)

I play with FRFR monitors stood vertically as a backline all the time, one or two depending on how much coverage/volume I need.


Tone Control

I think you need FRFR at a little more than the power required to play a CD at the required volume, undistorted, so look to the amount of watts you'd use for a PA/DJ playing the same room. The bottom end is very easy to overload with any guitar amp sims, including the AxeFx. I'd say 2 x 400W probably, these amps are very cheap now. Bear in mind that guitar cabs are 6-8dB more efficient than FRFR speakers, so a 100W guitar cab would probably equate to a 300w PA speaker, or a 500W studio monitor


Keep in mind that FRFR simply refers to an attribute of the system, and one that is not related to the volume it can produce. It just means it's flat. FRFR can be single 10" speaker, or it can be a huge line array with 20,000 watts behind it. So you just have to look for something that meets your volume needs and is flat.


I play with one Matrix FR wedge on end behind me and another as a conventional monitor. I also play with a drummer who plays like every pub is Wembley Stadium. With the wedges I can make his ears bleed should I so desire. The Matrix GT1000FX can put out 320w per channel @8ohm. It's plenty loud enough :)
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