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Anyone "upgrade" to an external delay pedal?

Cooper Carter

Fractal Fanatic
Delay would be the last thing I'd look outside the Axe for, tbh. Or maybe reverb would be dead last? Spend some time exploring the delay, plex, and multi blocks a bit more and get to know the Bank B and C presets (and as mentioned, check out @simeon's!!) Your want for external pedals will quickly fade, at least sonically.

Now if you're the kind of player who wants a lot of pedals with knobs to mess with during a set--different story. But at this point I'm confident in saying the Axe can socially replicate any delay unit on the market if you want it to.
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If you haven't yet, download @simeon 's blocks and presets and scour Axechange and the forum for anything @Admin M@ has posted (as well as his factory presets). Like adding a whole library of classic and non-existent delay machines to your arsenal.
True, although you neglected to mention your own excellent delay related tutorials.
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