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Any way to collect error data?


Fractal Fanatic
I wonder if there's a way to gather error and diagnostic data from the unit to get a handle on the weird one-of problems. Hit one this weekend on stage. Couldn't page forward in the preset list anymore, F2 appeared to be dead. Fixed it the M$ way by turning the box off and on again and will most likely never see it again. How does FAS development think about this error category?


I had this happen to me over the weekend when connected to the editor. I think I fixed it by holding F2 again? I also had an odd issue where I'd load a preset then hit a switch within the preset; it would instead go to the patch that was the same number as the footswitch (ex: press button 5 which should do whatever the preset switches were programmed to do but instead it jumps to preset #5 instead).


I had one where the nav knob worked but I couldn't change any value until I rebooted.

Similar thing.
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