Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II TURBO

Something is not clear. The SC-587 the original FM9 uses has 500 MHz DSP cores and a 450 MHz ARM core, the only slightly more powerful chip I can see on analog devices site is the SC-589 which has a 500 MHz ARM core but still the same 500 MHz DSP cores.

Afaik the ARM core is not used for audio processing in the FM3/9 so using that chip shouldn't produce a 10% performance boost. Maybe it's a chip from a different manufacturer?
As you know from the other thread, that was not a correct assessment ;)
All great. But I never max out my AxeFX III Mk.1
if I need synth, I use synth.
If the FX IV is an astronomical improvement, in some way I haven't thought of (not a great challenge) I'm in. But the quality is soooo good already, how do you improve upon what you can't discern from what is being modeled?
I think I'll forever be content. A tall order.
I remember thinking that before … then I got the Ultra. ;-]
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I remember thinking that before … then I got the Ultra. ;-]
I've never had a need for more or wished I had something that wasn't there. I don't even use 1/10th of what it's capable of. I'm sure others might. But I spend more time playing than tinkering and finding a great sound is pretty easily accomplished. I've never maxed it out without trying, and at that point it really didn't sound a like a guitar anymore. The Mk. 1 is still better than anyone elses best offering IMO. All the power to you. I hope the Mk. II Ultra Turbo finds you greatness.
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