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An Ultimate tentative ... Help for this Coldplay Tone !


Hi everyone ....especially our great preset twearkers and creators .....
i ve already posted a thread to have the help of our community to create a descent preset as i intend and ....stil intend to play it with band,
I m trying to become a ....tweaker but i m stil ...in construction so.... i know you definitly don t appreciate these sorts of thread when someone ask for a special sound , a preset .....these sot of threads ore totally unpopular and last time i had ...no response ...
Yesssss ...i know ....if he wants it ....he can create it ......!!!!!
in this case i ve done many efforts ....without success, i ve followed precious advises from Austin , one of our precious Guru ,
here are his advises ...:

#....sounds a lot like the Edge in U2 does.

Try low-medium gain amp, fender brown amps or Morgan Ac20. Not heavy gain but some breakup. Maybe use a compressor first with a little boost from it’s output to hit the amp harder for single coil bridge Tele?

Try a TC 2290 delay that uses LFO to modulates the delay (makes a chorus effect on delay trail) and is in stereo (can you do gigs in stereo?). If not stereo then try stereo tape delay.
Then try a few big reverbs. Start with the large plate with 3.4 seconds.......# Austin
Johnny Buckland s tone is hard to recreate has he uses lots of effects , stereo set up with two amps , hard to ear his main core tone ....but as Austin mentionned , as U2 Edge fan i also like this tone .....not an amp and cab tone
Soooooooo.....i hope that you guys will help me this time and take it as a defi .....create the more closest preset for this tone , i know it s firmware time ....but i d really appreciate and won t do it anymore .....creating specific tone thread.
Ahuge thanks in adavance , here is the tune ....enjoy it first :
Cheeeers to Everyone


Fractal Fanatic
Sorry, I'm sleep deprived and on chemo and was trying to be funny and obviously failed.

From what I can find, he uses Fender Hot Rod Deville 4x10 amps which aren't in the Axe FX. I'm not sure what's closest in the box to that amp. He's also used Fender Twins with a Micro Boost in front. (Which are in the Axe). I'm not a good dialer in of edge of breakup tones, so I'm not the right guy to help you but I think a twin with a microboost in front would get you in the ballpark.

I'm sure the wide range humbuckers in the thinline teles he plays have a lot to do with the tone as well.
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