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Alternative to Monitor2USB with more stereo XLR inputs?


I'm using Behringer's Monitor2USB to route my stereo devices to my studio monitors and headphones.

Happy with it but ... it has two pairs of XLR Left/Right inputs , and I need one more pair.

I can't find a device like that. Ideas?

Not interested in solutions with 1/4" TSR inputs instead of XLR (Mackie One Knob) or in common mixers with faders.

In the end I just may have buy another Monitor2USB and route one into the other....


I think most of what I’ve seen in the sub-$1000 price range with a desktop form factor are all going to be TRS. What about something like the ProCo switch witch paired with either your current monitor controller or a TC level pilot? You’d need to reverse the XLR gender to make them inputs, so not sure how much easier that would be than just using TRS...
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Yes, found that Nobsound device too but skipped it because of mixed reviews about its quality.

But I found a 2nd hand Kramer for under 20 euros, and ordered it.
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