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Hi Everyone,

There was a post someone made about looking for an All In One preset for live shows with scenes setup for Clean, Crunch, Lead and some others with FX and boosts. I responded how to build a preset like that, but had never actually made my own. So here it is.

This was made with a Gibson Les Paul Standard, through studio monitors. I don't have a live rig to test this with.

Firstly, I am assuming this is going to be used as a Live preset, therefore no stereo effects are being used.

There are two versions of this preset.

(V1) The first preset keeps the amps Input Gain and Master Volume the same for every scene and uses drives, and the input boost/saturation to get all of the gain.
(V2) The second preset changes the amps Input Gain and Master Volume for the Crunch and Lead channels to utilize more amp gain and less pedal gain. (Via Scene Controllers)

Here are some things you should know about the presets:

-The cabinet model used is the LT TV 2 IR which can be found Here on Axechange

-This preset has 4 amp models ready (JTM45, Twin Reverb, AC30, and Soldano SLO100 Clean) You can easily switch the amp in every scene using "Scene Mgr" on FM3 Edit, clicking the dropdown next to Amp, and choose one of the 4 amps.

-Drive 2 (closest to amp block) also has 4 drives ready to go. Swap them out using the same method as the amps.

-Drive 1 is being used as a boost for the Lead scenes. This also has 4 drives to experiment with.

-Delay 1 is being used as a low mix "always on" delay in Channel A. In Channel B, everything is the same but the mix is up. DM-2 delay type.

-Delay 2 is used for the FX scenes (Clean and Lead Boost FX) and is a long and loud delay for solos. Mono Tape delay type. (There is a Stereo Mind Guy in Channel 3 of Delay 2 if you want wide stereo delays.

-There are 4 reverbs setup (Medium Room, London Plate, Sun Plate, and South Church) and the default is the Sun Plate set pretty low. The FX Scenes use the South Church reverb for a big cavernous type solo/clean sound.

-The GEQ blocks are unused. Use them as you wish.

- I dont use too many FX and I only put Chorus up there because it seems to be popular. Phaser is my go-to modulation, so feel free to add/remove/change any of these. Make it yours.

Scene Controllers:
1 + 2 Turn On/off Input Boost and Saturation. These are turned on for the Boosted scenes.
3 + 4 Control the Amp Input Gain and Master Volume. These are only on the V2 preset.

Random stuff
Low/High Cuts are used on drive blocks
Reverb is before delay to retain delay repeat clarity
Delays are mono, feel free to add a stereo if you have a stereo setup. Messing with the Ratio (L/R Time Ratio, Right Post Delay, and Head 2 Ratio) settings can help widen a mono delay signal. Something like 98%, or a 10-20ms delay really widens the sound.
Bring Chorus ( or any effect you want stereo) down to the second row to get it in stereo.

Please feel free to download this and tweak to your own style. Its a very basic setup but can be easily changed.

Thanks and Enjoy!

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Descriptions are really cool, looking forward to get back close to my FM3 tomorrow night and try these out. Never tried reverb before delays BTW, wouldnt know how this could be done in the real world.
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