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A Mark IV metal preset


Hi all,

With Firmware 17.01 the Axe III has never sounded better. I play through studio monitors (Eris 8's) and really like the new FullRes IRs. They definitely add a bit of mojo that is very welcomed. This Firmware sounds (and feels) so kick-ass, I can barely believe it.

Here is a Mark IV preset I can't get enough of at the moment. Includes a Clean (which is from the JP2C model lol as it has a great clean channel), and then a Crunch and Lead using the Mark IV model. I have included a bunch of delays and a few other effects you might like. These settings have been tweaked from other patches and blocks I have picked up from the good folk here on the forum across the years. One of the delays (the last one in the chain) is a pretty bang on replica of John Petrucci's live ping-pong delay when tempo is set to 100bpm.

Note: I use the YA MES 412 OS Mix 01 IR from York Audio's MES 412 OS-V2 cab pack which if you don't have it already, do yourself a favor. Overall, it is the best cab pack I have purchased to date. I also like the YA MES 412 OS Mix JP from the same pack, or any of the mix IRs from this set really. Otherwise, try out some other V30 IRs such as the combo used in the Factory Petrucci Rig Preset which sound great too.

Thought I would share in the hope someone might pick up some ideas or enjoy the tones. I am having trouble tearing myself away from this one!




  • Mark IV Main.syx
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Love your use of the Dual Detone on the Crunch Scene to give it a bit more depth and space. I own the YES MES TRAD pack and flipped out the same OD speaker for the TRAD one and sounds great!
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