3 Body Problem

The books are my favorite Sci-fi trilogy. I thought they would be unadaptable, but I was really impressed with how it turned out. All the moments I wanted to see from the first book were there. It also improved on the books' character weaknesses by making the main characters from all three books a group of friends. It also started laying the groundwork in the last three episodes for some incredible stuff that happens in the later books. I hope we can at least get a season two, since book two contains the best book moment.
Watching Ep3 now, opening scene at CERN, Switzerland.

When I was a postdoc doing high-energy particle research at Fermilab collider, I give a talk at CERN on my research and it was the most fun I had giving a talk. No one died or committed suicide to my knowledge.
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I'm still early in the season (and haven't read the books) but ...

Bad physics observation #1: Pointing a huge-ass parabolic dish directly at the sun. Uhhh, have you ever used a toy magnifying glass to start a fire?

Bad physics observation #2: Sending a focused RF signal into the center of the Sun is a sure way to get it absorbed, not amplified. But, hey this is sci-fi, so I'll cut them some slack for the plot.
I'm a bit terrified to watch it - I hope they haven't destroyed it. Even the change to the title is dumb. The book series was awesome, especially 2 and 3. Best story I've read in a long time.
Is the entire series spoken in Chinese? I tried to start episode #1 today and after 15 minutes of "reading" the TV caption instead of watching the TV, I gave up.
I'm about halfway through. I like it so far. I absolutely hated the last 2-3 seasons of Game of Thrones, so I'm not super hopeful that it won't turn to shit down the line. But so far it's one of the better sci-fi series to comes out recently in my opinion. I definitely want to read the books.
We finished season one last night, really liked it, very interesting and well done I thought.

Seems very expensive to produce, makes me worried it'll get killed off before they finish it, like happens at Netflix.
I've fallen asleep to the first 2 audiobooks a million times the price of audible.

I'm enjoying the series. Many of the scenes are exactly how I pictured them in my head.
SPOILER (kind of):

Not to get all political but I was surprised at how Ye Wenjie basically turned into an Eco-Fascist cult leader; kinda makes sense for the Red Guard to suspect her of counter-revolutionary activities, huh?

I do like how they've made the show more international compared to the books, tho. The books were a lot more focussed on Chinese folks than the show is. Also, (kinda spoiler again) I'm surprised they adapterd parts of Book 2 into the first season. Would be interesting to see how they go on from here. One thing is for sure, D&D have taken a lot more liberties in this series than they did in GoT with the source material, and that's saying something!
I really liked the series, very much.

Let's hope there's another season.

Next: Shogun



Till this day im still bummed they canceled OA, the permisse and ideas of that tv show were amazing. Really cool sci fi stuff.

I can't forgive Netflix for canceling the OA and Archive 81, specially when they give so many seasons to utter crap.
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