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1500 bucks, you say, Line6?


Power User
I did the challenge earlier today- picked the amp every time. But I will admit the Helix didn't sound bad, but all it did was get me more excited for the AX8.


I took the challenge too. Got 'em all right except 1. Good on line 6 for doing this. One day their modelling won't suck. Today just isn't that day.


I tried pretty well every high end amp modeler out there, except the Eleven Rack. The only one I bonded with was the GSP1101. I like GR5 better than any of the hardware, but it is still to buggy. Was gonna buy a Helix, but the lack of midi clock sync to my DAW, and all of the bug reports in Line 6 forum, turned me off. I don't think the Helix was quite ready for the market. I ordered a new XL on Sunday and it should be here on Friday. The price was hard to swallow, mainly because of exchange rates with the US dollar. Line 6 Helix...you loose! Bought a frakin Fractal!


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For some reason I couldn't listen to the clips twice. I got 1 wrong and one I marked "Not sure", but I'm fairly certain I could've identified that one if I could've went back and listened to A.


Fractal Fanatic
The challenge didn't really work, in that I couldn't always listen to both samples twice. All I really want to do is go check one out for myself someday. No rush. AX8 for me.
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