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🆓 FREE Axe-Fx III? Yes! (NOW HIRING...)

Admin M@

Fractal Audio Systems

Our Service Department is Growing!​

Our service department is growing. Help us find the right candidate and we'll reward you handsomely!

THE CHALLENGE: If you can refer a candidate for the position detailed below, and if that candidate is deemed by us after 200 days of full-time employment to be a strong, reliable, and worthy member of the Fractal Audio team, we will reward you with an Axe-Fx III or any Fractal Audio Systems product of your choice, to be delivered at our expense shortly after the milestone date—and you'll also have our very special gratitude.

Electronics Repair Technician & Customer Service Agent​

Fractal Audio Systems is seeking a highly motivated individual to join our service department. The Repair Technician is responsible for managing a busy service department with duties including troubleshooting, diagnostics, performing all repairs on new and used electronics, managing replacement parts, and more. Professional communication skills are required for effective interactions with our most valuable customers, co-workers, and partners, whether online, on the phone, or in person.
  • This is a full time, on-site position located in Plaistow NH.
  • We offer health insurance, paid holidays, sick time, vacation pay and somewhat flexible scheduling.
  • Knowledge of our industry and/or products is a HUGE plus.
  • Must have the ability to read and understand electronic schematics.
  • Must have excellent soldering skills including the ability to work with surface mount components.
  • Must have system- and component-level troubleshooting skills.
  • Must be able to inspect, diagnose, service and repair our products presented in various conditions.
  • Must be able to organize a busy service area including receiving, documentation, inter-team coordination, and more.
  • This position requires the use of common hand tools, soldering, digital multi-meter, etc.
  • You must be self-managing and promote a safe, organized, clean and functional workspace
  • You must be comfortable in a fast paced environment.
  • Good customer service skills and poise are required.
  • Good critical thinking skills, problem solving and time management skills are required.
  • 5+ years of relevant experience.
  • Must be able to lift 50 lbs.
  • Most importantly we require someone who will take proud ownership of the quality of their work, representing our organization by providing the utmost experience to customers, partners, and co-workers. We stand for TOTAL QUALITY and expect nothing less from every person who works here.
  • Please send your resume listing former employers with contact information.
  • Please include a cover letter which includes your salary requirements and mentioning the person who referred you, if any.
Send applications to: jobs@fractalaudio.com


Power User
  • Most importantly we require someone who will take proud ownership of the quality of their work, representing our organization by providing the utmost experience to customers, partners, and co-workers. We stand for TOTAL QUALITY and expect nothing less from every person who works here.

Everything that you and I do, we leave our signature on it, whether we realize it or not!


Fractal Fanatic
Dang this is literally, LITERALLY made for me, but I'm in a different country altogether 😔
Good luck to you guys in finding the right teammate!


I have literally done this exact job for a well known high end audio company out here on the west coast. I really thought working on recording gear would be a dream job. I got to do PC board design, testing and component level troubleshooting of all the cool analog and digital gear that is used to make world class recordings. After about a year though, I started realizing that my serious hobby of recording and playing was being neglected. I just didn't have the drive to go home and fire up the equipment after working on it all day long.
I still work in tech but not audio and I can't wait to get home and play and record and work on songs with my band.

It's my story and I'm not trying to discourage anyone that has a serious Fractal love of playing outside of their day job...we're all different. I just think that if I worked this job, I would be less inclined to want to go home and plug into my Fractal stuff. I'm getting close to retirement and don't want to move from the west so it wouldn't be for me anyway.

I can imagine it's getting harder to find techs these days with everything becoming disposable and a lot of techs are retiring.
I hope you guys find a good person that sticks with it. That person will benefit all of us Fractal lovers.


I’m not qualified at all but I’m an ideal candidate. When do I start? I don’t like working in an office and I’m unavailable on mondays after noon and Wednesdays before 2 and all day Friday. Can’t work weekends btw, and I can’t stand deadlines and quotas. I’m more of a free spirit and work when im feeling inspired. I dont have an MD but I prefer to be referred to as Doctor.


Fractal Fanatic
Best of luck in your search @Admin M@ :)

After decades of leading people, I sure understand how hard it is to find those people with a personal standard to rise above “good enough.” It sounds like you have the environment for the right employee to thrive and grow in.


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Wow, if this were 1.5 - 2 years in the future, I’d be applying. I’m going to school for electrical engineering this year and in the next two years we’re moving back to Mass. My entire work history is customer service based; from $50 steaks to multi-million dollar leases I handle now.

Man, if I had a time machine right now.
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