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  1. York Audio

    Wall-O-Guitars and a recording tip.

    (I posted this on TGP as well, but thought my Fractal friends might want to get a little nerdy with me) Well it's been what, three months of being quarantined and the state of the world is a lot to handle right now. The truth is, I needed to let out some steam to maintain some sanity, and what...
  2. York Audio

    IRs York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: VH+ 412 P50E

    To make it easier to find what you're looking for, click on the links below to jump to the introductory posts about these York Audio Cab Packs. VH+ 412 P50E VLUX 210 P10R YORK 212 M65 Cream YORK 212 DV77 PRNC 110 OX Lite 5153 412 VH20 MTCH 212 ESD-V2 MES 412 OS-V2 HWAT 412 FN50 Lite...
  3. York Audio

    (Video) A little melodic ambient vibe

    I probably could have played it better. I probably could have tweaked the tone more. I probably could have obsessed over a lot of things, but sometimes it just feels good to be human and play guitar. I hope you guys enjoy it. -Justin Here's the preset. I just tried it again and wish I...
  4. York Audio

    IRs York Audio presents the MES 412 in .Wav format based on Mesa!

    If you haven't seen it yet, please check out my new website www.yorkaudio.co to see all new Cab Packs in .wav format. It's a completely new experience with ONLY hand selected IR's with meticulous attention to detail. Each mic has 5 unique shots from various sweet spots on the speaker. Dynamic...
  5. York Audio

    IRs York Audio presents the MRSH M20 in .Wav format based on Marshall with 20w Greenbacks!

    I liked my '76 Marshall "Checkerboard" 4x12 cab with 25w Greenbacks... but I LOVE it with 20w Greenbacks! It's an entirely different animal that gives me "guitar face" every time I play it. There's something about that classic "knock" you hear that just feels right. Here's a clip with the...
  6. York Audio

    IRs York Audio presents the ZILA 212 in .Wav format! New website!

    I'm so excited about this new chapter in York Audio's story. Check out my NEW WEBSITE with four new cab packs in .wav format at www.yorkaudio.co I'm having a Site Launch Sale right now! I've had this cab for well over a year and have shot it at least six times, but never felt like it was quite...
  7. York Audio

    IRs York Audio presents the MTCH 212 in .Wav format based on Matchless!

    I'm so excited about this new chapter in York Audio's story. Check out my NEW WEBSITE with four new cab packs in .wav format at www.yorkaudio.co I'm having a Site Launch Sale right now! First up is a cab I've been dying to shoot for a very long time, and it came out beautifully. This clip...
  8. York Audio

    While waiting for the rain...

    So it's supposed to storm like crazy in Nashville today, so instead of mowing my yard, I decided to make a little music. Here's what I came up with. I used a tele for the verses and my custom Hagstrom Super Viking for the choruses. I love the stringiness of the tele and the broad midrange...
  9. York Audio

    A little 90's Alternative/Grunge

    The Alternative/Grunge bands of the early-mid 90's shaped me as a player probably more than any other genre and time. I loved the wall of guitars and dissonant countermelodies so prominent with that era of music. This is just a little homage to that time in my life that still finds its way...
  10. York Audio

    Q7.02 and the beautiful Plex delay

    I just downloaded Q7.02, and love the new input diffusion parameter on the Plex Detune/Plex Shift. It's just gorgeous for that lush ambient bloom. The tone is the Matchbox D-30 model through the York Audio Bipolar Class-A 15 Mix 1 and Mix 7 IR's. I hope you enjoy!
  11. York Audio

    York Audio Presents: The Bipolar Pack

    Hi everyone! Justin York here. I am thrilled to finally unveil my first Cab Pack exclusively produced for FAS called "The Bipolar Pack." It features a handwired Class-A 15W 1x12 with an Alnico Blue and a straight Recto 4x12 with 70-Watt Vintage 30's. The vision behind the pack was to deliver...
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