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usb midi host

  1. HerrBlum

    Closed FM3 as USB MIDI device in DAW

    ...because I need to sync and control FM3 with my iPad or computer while playing audio via USB.
  2. Tumatauenga

    Can I send MIDI signals from Pro Tools to the Axe-FX III over USB?

    Apologies in advance if this has been covered already. I have an existing track in ProTools and would like to add an instrument track that sends MIDI commands to the Axe-FX III. The goal is the automation of scene changes as the track plays back. I think I can figure out creating appropriate...
  3. vaultnaemsae

    USB Midi Hosts & Multiple Controllers

    Connecting Guitar Wing and Liquidfoot+ Mini simultaneously to the Ultra. 1) Connect MIDI in/out on Ultra with one of the iConnectMIDI2+ or 4+ device's 5pin DIN port. 2) Connect MIDI cable from LF+ to iConnect interface's 2nd port. 3) Connect iPhone/iPad to iDevice input USB port. 4) Establish...
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