1. Hyper Planet

    Optical Tube Compressor TEST - DREAM THEATER - Chosen - Arpeggios

    Hey fellas this is my first impression of the new COMP which is awesome in my ears, I just tweaked COMP around 20 seconds and then hit the record button, I used both optical COMP with the same setting and placed it after the amp and used ''Line'' in input level and here's the result how does it...
  2. Hyper Planet

    DREAM THEATER - A Better Life - Guitar Solo Section - F Preset [#82] Petrucci

    Hey folks today I just recorded this great solo from DREAM THEATER latest album ''The Astonishing'' as you can see there's just me, the guitar and metronome :), not to say I couldn't find a cover version of this guitar solo on YT with just guitar, guitar + Metronome or without having the...
  3. Hyper Planet

    Mesa Boogie JP 2C TM

    Hey fellas, yesterday I just found TM clip that I did around 4 or 5 month ago with a YT MESA JP 2C, and decided to share it with all my friends on forum, I still hope to have this amp in the Axe-Fx II there's a subtle but different tone in JP 2C that I couldn't achieve it with existing IIC+ amps...
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