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  1. S

    Looking for authentic raw IRs without altered EQ-ing

    So for the latest time, i have been using several ML cab packs and OwnHammer Heavy hitters Collections, and i have noticed that when all setting on the amp are stock and set at noon (mic'ed with a single sm57), they don't sound anything close to how the real counterpart does with the exact same...
  2. Hyperion88

    JP2C, SM57, and 2I2

    First of all, I would like to state that I am in fact a "newb" in matters of recording. Right now I have an SM57 mic in front of my JP2C speakers, xlr cable going from the mic to the 2i2 (input 1), and the two outs of the 2i2 into 2 Yamaha HS50M. I already set the input and output of my computer...
  3. Ravaya

    Rehearsal video with Axe 2 +Matrix miced (heavy stuff)

    Hello all this a rehearsal video we did. Song is called Tilikum. Hope you all enjoy Cheers Rav
  4. Ravaya

    Loong prog Soong (live)

    Hello all, this song is called Orvam from my band Need, Hope you all enjoy Cheers Ravaya

    JS421 Lead OR + Cab Pack 20: Brit PR75 SM57 D1

    I am back! I don't care that I've lost my ability to play guitar. I don't care that my strings are 9 months old. I'm back home baby. First thing I did was load up Quantum 2.01. Satriani amp and found and IR that sounded gnarly with it and rocked out. First take since I'm passing out because of...
  6. Ravaya

    Need- Symmetrape (live)

    Hello this is symmetrape, a track from my band need Hope you all enjoy Cheers Ravaya
  7. Ravaya

    Lifeknot - (sort of) groovy metal track-Live

    Hello to all and happy new year to everyone. This is Lifeknot. We often open our gigs with this one. First song sloppyness and all but the XL doesn't fail :-) Hope you guys enjoy Rock On Rav.
  8. Ravaya

    Live Axe 2 track- Progmetal

    This is one is called Siamese God from my band Need Hope you guys enjoy Happy New Year to all Ravaya
  9. Ravaya

    Live track with axe 2- (Proggy) metal

    Here's another live track. This one is called Stroll of Choice Hope you guys enjoy! Rock on Ravaya
  10. Cobrango

    on axis straight sm57 between the cone and the edge of the cone in the axe-fx II?

    When I used amps and mics before the axe-fx II, I would place the sm57 straight (no angle) somewhere between the middle of the cone and the edge of the cone. This placement made a fat super middy holdsworth kind of tone and when I select the sm57 in the axe-fx II it sounds nothing like this. Is...
  11. Ravaya

    Need- Divine Drift (Live sound using Matrix, Marshall cab and SM57)

    Well this is a clip of an old song of ours we did at a recent gig. I run my axe 2 XL both through the matrix and cab and at the same time use the XLR outputs for FOH. The friend who mixed it preferred the miced sound when mixing. what do you think? Hope you enjoy Rock on Ravaya
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