pop punk

  1. C

    FM3 Neck Deep Presets

    Anyone have any FM3 rhythm guitar presets that closely resemble the sound of Neck Deep on their latest album? Or any specific tips on how I can get close to it?
  2. The Raven

    Limited Edition Silverburst EBMM Stingray RS Demo/Review

    What's up everybody! This is my latest song/demo/review video featuring this awesome Music Man Stingray RS "The Governor". To say this guitar is incredible would be an understatement. As usual, all tones in the video are Axe Fx III and @York Audio IR's (I do try other IR's I swear, but the...
  3. The Raven

    AFIII The Home Team - Right Through Me (Pop Punk/Rock Guitar Cover)

    Hey there again everyone! I tried my hand at making a guitar cover video, and seeing as this is my first one, I'd appreciate some feedback. This isn't a type of music I see too often on here, so I'm not sure if its even something that a lot of the people on here would be super interested in...
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