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  1. Entasis

    So much music with just a single note

  2. Dwelltone


    Hi guys! Came up with this tune this week (Wednesday). I used the Dr. Z 38 amp for all guitar parts on this track. (Reposting link for better levels.)
  3. Pat Reilly

    New Single, Instrumental Metal, All guitars recorded with AXE FX 3 firmware 5

    Care to take a crack at what amp models I used?
  4. Andrea Maccianti

    Sycamore Tree - Hall Of Mirrors

    Hall of Mirrors by Sycamore Tree. Sycamore Tree was my band born in the mid-90s. Unfortunately this song should have had the voice, it was composed to be sung... Maybe in the future who knows... I took an old recording of the era and reprogrammed, arranged and played all the instruments. All...
  5. J

    80s 84LL4D

    Hey guys just released my newest montly album and this one has more guitars (not as many as synths yet..) Anyway the track 3P1C.85 has my "sunday" lead tone in the chorus which I think came out pretty sweet! It's basically the matchless and the ac30. I'm trying to meet more people to...
  6. Andrea Maccianti

    My music, my place "Rebirth"

    I hope you enjoy! :)
  7. R

    Problem with the edit

    Hi there. I am having some issues with the axe edit. I connect my ultra via midi-usb cable to the pc and open the axe edit. The ports of my midi interface are recognised but when i select them it result connected for few seconds and then appears an error message: "UNKNOWN DEVICE: THE VERSION...
  8. Andrea Maccianti

    AxeFx2 Into "Caught In Space"

    All the guitars have been recorded with the AxeFx2 what do you think? I hope you enjoy! :)
  9. Milco

    Acoustic/Electric (Tone Match)

    Hey guys, really proud of this one. No post processing and recorded in one take. I used a sample of a Taylor guitar with some parallel reverb and delay, and also a little pitch shift for a glassier tone! Let me know what you think.
  10. Robboman

    POLL Part II: What do you do... for money? (Musically)

    Here's Part II (Part I can be found here). This is not for the IRS or anything sneaky, just honest curiosity and better insight amongst us all. Please take a minute to participate. Check ALL that apply to you. Thanks!
  11. Robboman

    POLL: What Do You Do? (Musically)

    I'm always curious what others do besides the obvious thing that brings us all here - play guitar. Since the forum allows this, I thought I'd make up a few Polls for fun and insight. Please take a minute to participate and we can all see the results over time. Check all the boxes that apply...

    "Fast Food on the Radio": The state of popular music...

    ... is the age old topic among musicians. I've found that with age (I'm still in my twenties though) I've found a way to enjoy the simple things in popular music and its capability to move so many people on this planet. There's no genre out there that someone doesn't hate and that's okay but...
  13. Arkks

    All guitars recorded using Quantum (Bloom)

    Hi all, My band "Bloom" have just released our first single. Axe-Fx2 xl with quantum did us proud :) Let us know what you think. Cheers.
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